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Dec 3, 2013 11:00am EST
developments. back to you, barbara. >>> thank you, angie. a big vote to raise the city's minimum wage. melissa is outside with the latest on the vote and the push to increase the city's minimum wage. >> barbara, that hearing just got under way a couple minutes ago. it was scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. this bill is expected to pass by a veto proof majority. dozens of people in front of the wilson building holding signs, speaking out, hoping for a minimum wage hike and access to sick days for some. nicky lewis knows how hard it can be. she graduated from the university of maryland and has worked as a serve or for 17 years. >> increase in the base minimum wage for restaurant workers and low wage workers in the city is the difference between potentially be evicted or having to choose between am i going to buy food today or pay the light bill. >> some contentious moments, though. council men was stopped from speaking several times by heckler. right now the city's wage is $1 higher than the federal minimum wage. here's hoyte would go. 2014, it would go to $9.50. and 2016, index to inflat
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am EST
in oklahoma city. >> it's best to stay home. if you do get out prepare yourself you might have a slide off and it may take a while to get to you. >> over a dozen vehicles slid off the highway. how cold it was? cold enough to freeze this car door shut. >> for won't open. it's completely frozen. >> they ordered up additional vehicles to treat the roads. >> what would you people? >> drive careful and be aware of what's around you. >> freezing temperatures in the west are threatening the $2 billion citrus industry in central california. >> this is night two and we have a storm coming saturday morning which is probably going to bring snow to the valley floor. >> amelia segal joins us now and we have cold on the way. >> cold and rain and on sunday we will be dealing with a wintry mix for the rest of today. a chilly rain into the evening hours. i think the rain could impact the commute home. radar showing heavy activity now in fairfax through prince william county and heavier indicated by the yellows and oranges. now is a great day to download the weather ap. not only are we tracking rain today a
Dec 2, 2013 11:00am EST
are led to a is you spushs death outside a kansas city chiefs game. this happened outside arrowhead stadium in a parking lot during the game. they believed the man went to the car to find a stranger inside that led to a fight. it's not clear how the man died although police are treating it as a homicide. plooe people are being questioned, but no one is under arrest at this time. >> next week investigators are looking into the use of the auto pilot function in airline crashes. the national transportation safety board will hold a hearing on this. pilots are relying too much on the auto pilot to fly the plane. they say the pilots may not be prepared to take control of the plane in an emergency. a tb scare in the air. about 70 passengers aboard a us airways flight were exposed to tuberculosis. the incident happened on saturday. a woman said one of the passengers was removed from the plane by paramedics because he had active tuberculosis. tb is a disease that can be deadly. passengers were advised to get tb shots as a precaution. hundreds are attending the first national conference on ve
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3